Even Embers® Cast Iron Griddle

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Make breakfast, lunch, or dinner on this ready-to-use cast iron griddle. Experience cooking versatility as you can griddle, saute, steam, sear, and stir-fry for every meal. The griddle is designed to work seamlessly on top of your cooking grates. 

  • Durable, preseasoned cast iron 
  • Rear grease trap
  • Four feet for over grate usage
  • Built for easy storage when paired with the griddle hook storage system

Fits Models: 3 Embers Four Burner (GAS7480AS/BS/CS), Even Embers Five Burner (GAS7540AS/BS), Even Embers Stainless Steel Five Burner (GAS8560AS), Even Embers Two-Toned Five Burner (GAS0560ASO)

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